Работилница БЪДЪМБА BADAMBA workshop
Costumes: Second Bulgarian Kingdom First Bulgarian Kingdom Ancient Rome Thracians Various       Accessories: Shields Embroidery Jewelry Belts
  1. Reconstructions of belts, XIII- XIV в. Leather and textile base. Made by Emil Marinov (round mounts), Kolyo Marinov (double lily mounts, buckle plate, strap end), Jasmin Parvanov (riveting), Kalina Atanasova (researching).

  2. Belts based on findings XIII- XIV в. Textile base. Made by Ivan Rendakov (buckle plate), Kalina Atanasova (mounts, fixing)

Shumen belt
Kichevo belt
Kichevo belt - the original
Kichevo belt - closer look
Blue belt
Red belt
Belt with tablet weaving
Belt mounts