Работилница БЪДЪМБА BADAMBA workshop
Costumes: Second Bulgarian Kingdom First Bulgarian Kingdom Ancient Rome Thracians Various       Accessories: Shields Embroidery Jewelry Belts
  1. Byzantine tunic XIc. Based on mosaic at Nea Moni monastery (1049-1055)

  2. Replica of Bulgarian folk costume.
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  3. Neolithic craftsman - possible reconstruction.
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  4. The owner of the world's oldest processed gold - "The King" from grave 43 of the Varna Chalcolithic Necropolis. Experimental archeology.
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  5. Costumes for noble Cumans from the 12th - 13th century. Based on information from memorial statues and graves from the period.
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  6. French nobles’ costumes from the 12th - 13th century. Based on illustrations at the Morgan Bible and on statues at Gothic cathedrals.
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Varangian guard1