Работилница БЪДЪМБА BADAMBA workshop
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The presented garments are made using my own schemes and projects. I have decorated most of them with handmade embroidery; the female head adornments are also sewn almost entirely by hand. All of them are based on my research, which is partially published at badamba.info (mainly in Bulgarian, for now). This was possible with the support of Rumqna Naumova, Daniela Marinova, Zlatina Stoyanova, Elena Boyanova, Ivan Rendakov, to whom I would like to express my gratitude.
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  1. Female boyar costumes. Those are made of expensive (at the time) materials - velvet, silk, fabric with silk and cotton threads, fabric with metal threads, golden galloons. Typical of the boyar dresses are long, impractical decorative sleeves.

  2. Male costumes for low-rank boyars. The main materials used are fine wool and linen fabrics, but they are decorated with silk and golden galloons.
    2A - executed by Ivan Valchev (pictured) 
    2B - executed by Angel Vasilev (pictured) 

  3. Common women. Garments made of plain materials  - linen and cotton (which has also been found in Bulgarian medieval necropolises)

  4. Common men

  5. War equipment – gambeson and chain mail

  6. Bishop`s vestment - wool and silk fabrics, golden embroidery

Girl from Donja Kamenica
Red dress
Stanichene boyar
Red kaftan
grave from Preslav
Zemen boyar
Boyar with cloak
Little boyar
Blue dress
Zemen old version
Musician from Rila monastery
Brown kaftan