Работилница БЪДЪМБА BADAMBA workshop
Costumes: Second Bulgarian Kingdom First Bulgarian Kingdom Ancient Rome Thracians Various       Accessories: Shields Embroidery Jewelry Belts

These series of costumes have been made for the "Historical park" project of Treasure Ltd. You can see them and even try them on in Neofit Rilski village near Varna.

  1. Thracian warriors (VI – Vc. BC). According to images on Attic vases and written records. More information about the first and the most complicated costume you can learn in Experimental archeology section.

  2. Thracian warrior, according to image in Alexandrovo tomb (IVc. BC)

  3. Garment of ancient Thracian womеn. Based on murals in Thracian tomb in Kazanlak(IV c. BC)

  4. Children Thracian costume. Boyish is inspired by the frescoes in the Alexandrovo tomb and girlish - from images on Attic vases

  5. Thracian costume with Rhodope motives, made for Smolyan Regional museum of history.

Thracian lady3A
dancing maenad3E.