Работилница БЪДЪМБА BADAMBA workshop
Costumes: Second Bulgarian Kingdom First Bulgarian Kingdom Ancient Rome Thracians Various       Accessories: Shields Embroidery Jewelry Souvenirs
  1. Noble Bulgarian lady VII-VIII  century. The reconstruction is based on O.R.Gasimova`s picture after archaeological findings in Bolshe-Tarhan, Tatarstan. The cemetary is dated VII-VIII century and attributed to Volga Bulgarians` culture.
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  2. Tunic and kaftan based on findings in The Moshchevaya Balka Necropolis (VIII-IX century) and Antinopolis Coptic cemetery (VII century)
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  3. A nobleman from the entourage of Khan Omurtag (IX century). Based on the Madrid copy of Joan Skylitze's manuscript.
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  4. Noble Bulgarian IX-XI century. A collective reconstruction. Kaftan with side fastening, decorated with patterned silk made by Oleg Kozlenko. The typical horizontal stripes are avoided in order to preserve the beauty of the golden pattern. Shalwars are made after the evidence of Suidas' encyclopedia about the introduction of the Avar fashion in Bulgaria.

  5. Noble Bulgarian X-XI century. Based on miniature in Simeon's (Sviatoslav's) Miscellanies.

  6. Bulgarian X century. Based on miniature in Basil II`s Menologion.

Nobleman after Simeon's Miscellanies
Nobleman after Basil II`s Menologion