Nowadays part of them are in other countries, but at the time of their creation all of them were on Bulgarian territory, and represents Bulgarian subjects.

Bachkovo Monastery (the charnel house) – between 1344 and 1364
Tzar Ivan Alexander
Monks Georgi and Gavriil
Post-mortem portraits of founders of the monastery Grigorii and Abasii Bakuriani (lived during the 11th century)

Boyana Church (1259 and 14th century)
Tzar Constantine Tikh Asen with his wife tsaritsa Irene Laskarina (1259)
Sebastocrator Kaloyan and his wife Desislava (1259)
Unknown donor in red garment (XIV century)

Donja Kamenica, Church of the Holy Mother of God – 1323 – 1330
Despot Michael, son of tzar Michael Shishman, with his wife
Two men in monastic robes
Despot Michael `s unknown vassal (the main donor of the church), with his wife, son and daughter
Two men with a child - probably the main donor with his son and brother

Zemen Monastery - 1354
Unknown old man, his wife Doya
Second couple, quite damaged portraits
Young man with boy – Vitomir and Sta... (the whole name is not preserved)

Rock-hewn churches of Ivanovo – badly damaged paintings, the female portraits are virtually not preserved - XIII – XIV century
Tzar Ivan Asen II with his wife
Tzar Ivan Alexander with his wife
Female donor in a monastic robe (probably Tzar Ivan Alexander`s first wife)

Kalotina Village, St Nicholas church - 1331 – 1337
Husband and wife whose names haven`t survived, and three little children around them
Unknown monk
Woman with little boy

Karlukovo, Gligora cave church - late XIII – early XIV century
Two little noble girls
Abbot Daniil

Karlukovo, St Marina cave church (the second half of XIV century)
Rutesh boyar with his wife and his son Constantine

Kastoria, The church of the Taxiarchis (Archangel) – early XIII century
Tzar Michael Asen I with his mother Irene Komnene

Nessebar – Sveti Ioan Krastitel (St John the Baptist) church
Unknown boyar

Stanichene Village, St Nicolas church
Boyar Constantine with his wife
Young noblewoman – Aretha
Monk (the part of the wall cover has fallen), two male and one female boyars with crossed hand (probably post-mortem portraits)
A man and a woman in monastic robes – Arsenius and Euphimia – and a little boy - Kruban