Bulgarian Medieval Clothing Comes to Life

Bulgarian Medieval Clothing Comes to LifeThe Bulgarian Medieval Costumes project started in 2005 as part of the work of a reenactment club. Even now we are closely related and trying to support the reenactment movement in Bulgaria. Huge part of our job is not only researching, but also showing directly to our readers and history lovers what we have managed to do. That’s why we strive to illustrate our research with real reconstructions of medieval costumes, which can be seen, touched and worn in everyday life.

The whole process is documented by photo shoots, exhibitions and lectures. Wherever we go, the project "Bulgarian medieval costume" is always being greeted with great enthusiasm and interest by the visitors who say that the information is new and engaging for them.

Over the past years, our ‘live’ project has been taking place in a variety of formats and in different parts of Bulgaria, and we plan to keep it up in the future.
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Here are the main types of presentations that we've done up to now (Click on any of the pictures below to enter the appropriate section):

Exhibition indoors Traveling exhibition Lectures, discussions, live lessons Experimental archeology Photoshoots