Medieval Bulgarian hairstyles, moustache and beard fashions

Photos and schemes of the Second Bulgarian kingdom`s survived male portraits. The tendencies in hair and beard cutting became clear about the aristocracy, and we do not have reason to expect something quite different with the mob.
The full aged men are always with well kept beards. The double beard had been modern in different times and among different age groups. King Ivan Alexander obviously liked it when he was already old (or may be his second wife had liked it). The moustaches are always pendulous.
The hair is long, and I was impressed of the high percentage of men with curly hair.

Иван Александър, деспот Константин Боянска църква, Михаил Асен, Иван Александър Земен, Карлуково, Несебър Долна Каменица Станичене, Калотина
Photos by Krasimir Yovchev and Angel Iordanov.

Portrait list:

collage 1
- King Ivan Alexander (three portraits)
- His son in law despot Constantine

collage 2
- King Constantine Tikh Asen
- His cousin sebastokrator Kaloyan
- King (?) Michael Asen
- King Ivan Alexander (?)

collage 3
- Unknown boyar from Zemen
- Vitomir from Zemen
- Rutesh boyar from Karlukovo
- Unknown boyar from Nessebar

collage 4
- Despot Michael, son of king Michael Shishman
- His unknown vassals

collage 5
- Boyar Constantine from Stanichene
- His unknown relatives
- Unknown boyar from Kalotina