Translated on English by Vladimir Rodić from Zlatno Burence club. Thanks, Vladimir :)

Due to the bad condition and scarcity of Bulgarian fresco portraits, a comparison and study of their analogues in neighbouring countries is necessary. Serbia is especially important in this respect as its medieval churches are much better preserved than the Bulgarian ones. Furthermore there is explicit data on a long lasting cultural exchange between the two countries during the Middle Ages. The Serbian frescos show a practice which was not very widely spread in Bulgaria – the region rulers were painted together with their deceased predecessors. Most post-mortem portraits are vague but nevertheless they were included in the list below. They were marked with an asterix. All images have been taken from Wikipedia, unless stated otherwise.

Arilje, Monastery of Saint Ahilije (Achilius) - 1296
*Grand zupan Stefan Nemanja
Serbian archbishops: *archbishop Sava (Rastko Nemanjic, later st. Sava), st. Arsenije, Sava II, Joanikije, Jevstratije I, Jevstratije II, Jevsebije, Gerasim
*Stefan Prvovencani (first crowned), his son *Stefan Uros I, Uros's wife Jelena Anzujska (Hellena of Anjou) in monastic robes
king Stefan Uros II Milutin, Milutin's brother king Stefan Dragutin, his wife Katalina Ugarska (Catherine of Hungary)
their sons Vladislav and Urosic

Bijelo Polje, monastery of saint Peter and Paul - XII-XIVc.
Knez (Prince) Miroslav Zavidovic, brother of Stefan Nemanja

Monastery Veluce - 1373-1377
Oliver, Dejan, Bratan and Konstantin

Monastery Gornji Kozjak, church of saint George - middle of the XIV century
Georgije and his wife Tihoslava with their son

Monastery Gradac
Monk Simon (*Stefan Prvovencani), king Uros I and queen Jelena Anzujska

Gracanica monastery – 1311
King Stefan Uros II Milutin with his fourth wife Simonida Paleologina
Monk (Milutin or Uros I) and nun (Jelena Anzujska)
Family tree of Nemanjić

Decani monastery - 1335 - 1348
*Stefan Nemanja, *st. Sava, *Stefan Uros II Milutin, *Stefan Uros III Decanski
Tsar Stefan Dusan and his wife tsaritsa Jelena of Bulgaria, his brother Simeon and Dusan's son Stefan Uros
Tsar Stefan Dusan and his father Stefan Uros III Decanski
Family tree of Nemanjić
Danilo_the second_hegoumenos_of_Decani
Georgije Ostousha Pecpal

Dobrun (Krusevo) monastery - 1343 - 1383
Stefan Dusan, Jelena and their son Stefan Uros
Zupan Pribil with his sons Stefan, Petar and son in law Stan

Monastery Karan, Bela Crkva - 1332-1337 or 1332-1337
*Stefan Nemanja, *St. Sava, *Stefan Prvovencani, *Stefan Uros II Milutin
tsar Stefan Dusan, tsaritsa Jelena of Bulgaria and Urosh / armor bearer
Presviter Georgije Medos with his friend /servant
Zupan Petar Brajan with his wife Struja and his four doughters
Unknown nun

Monastery Kuceviste, church of st. Spas - 1337
Tsar Stefan Dusan with his wife Jelena
Vojvoda Dejan with his wife Vladislava and their kids Jovan and Vladimir and cousins Radoslav, Vladislava and Marina

Lesnovo Monastery - XIVc.
Tsar Stefan Dusan with his wife and son
Despot Jovan Oliver with model of the church - 1341
Despot Jovan Oliver with his wife Ana Marija (Kera Marija) and their son Kraiko - 1347

Lipljan , Virgin’s Church
Tsar Stefan Dusan with his wife Jelena
Unknown donor

Ljuboten Monastery, church of saint Nikola - 1337
Tsar Dusan with his wife and son

Monastery Ljubostinja - 1388 - 1405г.
Knez Lazar Hrebeljanovic with his wife kneginja Milica. Lazar's sons, knez Stefan Lazarevic and Vuk Lazarevic

Mali Grad monastery in Prespa - 1369
Kesar Novak, kesarica Kalja and their kids Marija and Amiral
Unknown monk

Mateic monastery - second half of the XIV century
*Tsar Stefan Dusan, his wife Jelena of Bulgaria and their son Stefan Uros.
Dusan`s widow Jelena and their son Stefan Uros as a tsar
Jelena`s family tree

Monastery of king Marko, "Markov manastir" - 1366 - 1370
King Vukasin and his son, king Marko

Mileseva Monastery, Church of the Ascension, possibly Bulgarian artist - first layer 1222 – 1228, second layer 60s XIII centuries
*Stefan Nemanja, *st. Sava, king Stefan Prvovencani/ First-crowned, his sons Stefan Radoslav and Stefan Vladislav

Nova Pavlica monastery - 1389
Brothers Stefan and Lazar Music, nephews of knez Lazar Hrebeljanovic

Djurdjevi Stupovi near Novi Pazar - 1314-1316
Nemanjic dynasty (?)

Ohrid, church of st. Nikola Bolnicki - 1313-1345
Tsar Stefan Dusan with his wife and son

Ohrid, church of st. Sofija, chapel of st. Jovan Preteca
Archbishop Nikola
Despot Jovan Oliver with his wife Marija and sons, Damjan and Vidoslav
Jovan, sevast of Prosenik

Pec, Serbian Patriarchate of Peć
narthex - last quarter XIV century - family tree of Nemanjić
St. Apostles Church - mid. XIII century - *St. Sava
St. Demetrios Church - 1345 - 1346 - Stefan Dusan, Jelena, Stefan Uros V
Church of the Virgin Hodegetria - last quarter XIV century - two portraits of Archbishop Danilo II

Polog Monastery, church of st. George - 1343-1345
Tsar Stefan Dusan with his wife and son
Marina Smilec in monastic robes with her grandson
Ivan Dragusin (son of Marina) and his wife

Church of Bogorodica Leviska in Prizren - XIII-XIVc
Stefan Nemanja, st. Sava, Stefan Prvovencani and probably Stefan Uros III Decanski
archbishops Arsenije, Sava II, Joanikije I, Jevstratije I, Jakov and Jevstratije II
Stefan Uros II Milutin

Prilep, church of st. Archangel
King Marko

Psaca monastery, church of st. Nikola - 1358–1360
Sebastocrator Vlatko with his wife Vladislava and his sons Stefan, Ugljesa and one unknown son, Vlatko's father, knez Paskac and his wife Ozra
Two kings, probably tsar Stefan Uros and king Vukasin

Ravanica Monastery - 1375-1377
Knez Lazar with his wife Milica and their sons Stefan and Vuk

Ramaca Monastery, church of st. Nikola- 1392-93
Knez (Despot) Stefan Lazarevic with unknown patriarch
Husband and wife (Knez Lazar and his wife Milica or vojvoda Nikola Zoic and his wife Vidoslava)
Unknown priest with his brother and son

Sopocani Monastery– 1263–1268 and XIVc
Death of Queen Anne Dandolo composition
donor`s procession - two monks (*Stefan Nemanja and *Stefan Prvovencani), Stefan Uros I , his wife Hellena of France, their son Stefan Dragutin
Stefan Uros I with his wife Hellena and their sons Dragutin and Milutin
Stefan Dusan, Jelena and their son Stefan Uros (second half of the XIVc)

Staro Nagoricino Monastery, church of saint George - 1317-1318
King Stefan Uros II Milutin with Simonida Paleologina

Studenica Monastery - 1209
Stefan Nemanja
his wife Anna (nun Anastasia)
King Stefan Radoslav and his wife

Studenica Monastery, King`s church - 1314
*Stefan Nemanja, St. Sava
King Stefan Uros II Milutin with Simonida Paleologina

Studenica Monastery, Radoskav`s chapel - 1230
*St. Simeon, *Stefan the First-crowned, king Radoslav
St.Sava, archbishop Arsenije, monk Sava (future archbishop Sava II)

Treskavac (Treskavec) monastery - XIII-XIVc
*Knez Boris
Stefan Dusan
Tepcija Gradislav with his wife

Hilandar Monastery - layer 1321
*St. Simeon, *St.Sava, King Stefan Uros II Milutin
*St. Simeon, *St.Sava, emperor Andronikos II Palaeologos, king Milutin, Andronikos III Palaeologos, Stefan of Decani, Stefan Dusan